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Winter Blues



Winter Blues

It Seems Like everyone has got them

Those awful Winter Blues ...

There seems no way to shake them

No Matter what we do.

We Look for silver linings

In The Clouds That hang in skies of gray

Even If the sunshine peeks through

Those Blues just seem to stay

We venture into the Cold Days air

Hoping to Clear our Minds

Hoping it freezes the thoughts of gloom

And with it leaves the Blues behind

These Winter Blues are draining me

There seems nothing I can do

Not even thoughts of springtime

Will my mental state re new.

Can't clear My Head

Can't write a verse

Can't even think or care...

Can't even look for tomorrow

Just sit here in My chair.

How I hate the Winter Blues

Mere words just can't explain

Just short lived days and long cold nights

Where all I do is in vain.




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