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Creation And Creator


Creation And Creator

Mae Elms

Some people say we came from the sea,

But I say, "How can it be?"

For if there were no creation by God,

From whence came the trees, the flowers and the sod?

If not from God, where did intelligence originate?

Giving us a mind to construct, a conscience to delegate?

If not for intelligence we might like animals, walk on all fours,

Mindlessly munching on grasses, sleeping in caves, suffering sores.

Even the sea can't make flowers that smell so sweet,

Or keep the sun and moon spinning in the sky and never meet.

Never colliding nor crashing the earth as it goes by.

Only God could fling the stars into the sky and smile as clouds go drifting by.

How could the sea make the winds blow, blustery and loud,

As sun gently kiss the earth, to give strength while cleaning the air? 

For animals and human to enjoy and share,

It took more than the sea to create what is on this earth,

That we were allowed to enjoy from the time of our birth.

Only God can create bodies that so perfectly function and grow,

That can recreate in likeness, both human and animals so.

God, not the sea, gave us a mind to reason and think,

May we use it for His glory, for it's to Him we are linked.

So banish the thought that we came from the sea,

Then give thanks to our Heavenly maker, and so let it be.

God created us and the sea,

The sea did not create you and me.



Mae Elms


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