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haunting Memories


Alone She sits at Twilight

On the Distant Shore

Memories Ever Haunting

Of How life was Before

A time When there was Laughter

A Moment Captured in Time

Now Long gone and Over

Just a Memory Devine

Diamonds sparkle on the water

Each Shimmer catches Her eye

Or Is it just A blur of Tears

That Consumes Her from Inside

So Many Haunting Memories

But that's All She has to hold

So Many words Left Unspoken

If then She'd Only Known

She Can Only Wonder

As The Water Kisses the Shore

If Only for One moment in Time

She could  Say those things Once more

But  All That's left is Haunting Memories

Never To Turn back the hands of time

Remembering Life through A blur of Tears

That Consumes Her from Inside


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