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In Her Eyes


In Her Eyes

Do You Really Know Her...

Do You know Her Needs .

She Is So Kind and Caring ...

Wearing her heart upon Her sleeve .

Always there for others

Through the thick and thin...

With an Open & Outstretched hand

Forever Pulling everyone In

She smiles at their happiness

And She weeps  Her bitter tears

Her heart Is now forever flooded

With the  Emotions of the Years

Yet She keeps On walking

Facing Each New  Day

With Happiness or Sorrow

Whatever comes Her way

But she never Falters

She shall Always be ever there

This Woman who Call Herself Your Friend

Who Eternally Honestly Cares

But , Do You Really Know Her...

Can You Understand Her Needs .

Do You notice Her Kindness and Caring ...

As She Wears her heart up on Her sleeve .


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