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Jesus Is Calling



Jesus Is Calling

Joyce Ann Geyer

As we go through life
And feel so much pain
Do we stop and talk to Jesus?
We have everything to gain

Our Holy Bible gives us the path to life
All that we encounter is in this beautiful book
Each and every lesson is in all the chapters
All we have to do is stop, read and take a look

Whether you have a collage degree
Or just simply quit school
All of lifeís lessons are in this book
We can all use its tools

When the sunshine's, and we have a day of laughter
We can still talk to Jesus and thank him for the day
Sitting in a chair or on bended knee
He is everywhere no matter what comes your way

Gratitude that He chose you to carry His word
Is the greatest achievement anyone can share
Spreading His word is what the missionaries do
Actions of kindness and caring not only in prayer

Next time you see that old man yelling in the street
Of Bible passages or just saying JESUS SAVES
Think of times past and John the Baptist
He is doing Godís work he is free and not a slave

It is great to have a job and take care of your family
But lets not forget that man who has nothing to eat
Charity Jesus taught and not to be selfish
Giving of your time standing in line smile as you greet

The young, the elderly, perhaps that one just lost his job
Try not to judge that poor one who looks grubby
We donít know their circumstance or bad luck
Thank God itís not you, your family or hubby

© Joyce Ann Geyer



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