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Listen With Your Heart

Rose Marie Streeter

Can you not remember?
the bond that made us whole?
love, respect and friendship
our promise...
paved in gold

Circumstance played leapfrog
'n words got in the way
our love misplaced, forgotten
with feelings...
gone astray

Misunderstanding lingers
for what we thought was heard
past hurts came back to torment
tangled up our...

Memories can be haunting
within the bloody scars
want to be loved, accepted
for who we are..

Sometimes the spirit crumbles
with words, although to tease
reopen a wound, an issue
again it starts to..

Can we start all over?
try again, brand new
think back 'n remember
reflect on what really matters
what's left...
of me and you

Bit by bit revealing
parts of our private lives
with trust 'n understanding
released our inner...

We sang sweet songs, together
danced in the pouring rain
shared hopes, desires, secrets
'til hearts could smile...

Remember evening chatter?
when world was fast asleep
whispers 'pon our pillows
slipped into slumber...

Somehow I have this feeling
that what you thought...
you heard,
isn't what I meant, at all
to you, were hurtful...

Listen with your heart
as I tell you
what I really meant to say
I'm sorry that I hurt you
please, don't walk...

We're hiding in the shadows
of a very lonely place
regret 'n hurt is stealing
what in our hearts...
was placed

New doors began to open
all fear was set aside
opening selves up, removing
tight shackles...

Can't we talk it over?
make right what now seems wrong
sort out the weeds that fester
where happiness...

Words flow
from a soul awakened
a deepest part of me
can we smooth out the bumps...
rebuild, what used...
to be?

The promise was forever
mistakes we both have made
waltz back with me, remember
'fore time takes it all...

Words can be of great comfort, joy, 

make us smile, feel loved...

Sometimes they are misunderstood 

and cause heartache and tears,
make us feel alone. 

We've all been there in that we have misunderstood
what someone said or our own words were misinterpreted.
And so it goes...on the pathway of life..

Listen with your heart and speak

with guided tongue choosing words
Carefully as they are a powerful tool

that can either hurt or heal ones



Rose Marie Streeter

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