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What's the Odds

I wondered What's the Odds

That I could have A Lucky Day ...

I thought is Pretty Unlikely

How things Do Come My Way .

But then I started thinking

Things can't be this Bad ...

Then In my head I started to Visualize

Somebody Waving that  Big Red Flag.

Remember that Old Promise

"Smile, things just could not get any Worse "...

And as soon as Your Head thought the thought

It was Like some dreaded Curse .

Because , sure enough I smiled

And things did certainly get worse ...

Dare I say things aren't so Bad

And Hope My Bad Luck does Reverse.

Yes, You may think this is Funny

But a part of You knows It's true ...

Although I wish You the Best of Luck

Some of this Had to have happened to You.

Am I the Only one Here

Carrying an umbrella around ...

With a Black Cloud hanging over my head

With Lightening Bolts  smashing to the ground .

Come On, I just dont think so

I Can't be the Only One ...

It Just Cant Keep On Raining

There has to be some Sun.

So I will Stop thinking of the Odds

Or If I  could have A Lucky Day ...

It Just Does not seem  Pretty Unlikely

With the Things that come  My Way .



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