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Look Into My Soul



Look Into My Soul

Look into my soul and what lies deep inside
You don't know the secrets buried deep inside

You see my smiles and hear my joyous words I speak
But my pain is hidden in dark vast valleys you will never seek

I long for things gone from my grasp
I long for simple youth to come back from my past

My hurts and my tears could fill an ocean deep
Things I keep to myself ,I have put to quietly to sleep

You think you know me , you know what you choose to perceive
No, you haven't a clue, only what you choose to believe

I'm bold, I'm humorous, I'm sorrow, I am alone
I'm alive, I feel, I love, and I am sassy and  sweet
My complex being is someone you may never meet

I let you into only a portion of my heart
I cover myself with a shield of protection
It's my way of self preservation  with selection

I'm loyal , I'm doubtful, I'm  hesitant , I'm right, I am wrong,
I'm here by myself, fighting each day to survive and stay strong

Look into my soul , look deep, see the pain and trials?
Feel with your heart, open your eyes, stop with the denials

I am a mother ,a wife, and friend and a lost soul
I am happy ,I am sad, I am caring ,I am bold

I long for the pain and the suffering to come to an end
I long for contentment to become my best friend







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