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UnChain My Heart


You Kept Me a Slave

To Your Obsessions ...

And Made Me Blind 

To Your Transgressions.

Did You Think I didn't See

And You could keep this hold on Me...

That I Would not Find the Key

To The Chains and I'd Be Free.

You thought I Did Not Know

Because My Eyes just would not show

That Your torture Broke my Soul

Robbed My Heart of It's Innocent glow.

I was Your Deep Obsession

Just Another of Your Transgressions

I Learned All Life's Hard Lessons

I Locked My Will , that was my weapon

But You could not keep this hold on Me

For I was the one who held the key ...

Gave permission to set My Heart Free

And said Farewell to Captivity.

You Never Learned Life's Lessons

I was Just Your deep Obsession...

Now I'm Free Of Your Transgressions

Your Stripped of Your last weapon.


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