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Wonderful Winter



Wonderful Winter

 Joyce Ann Geyer

Snow falling softly to the ground

So beautiful and children playing around

Dressed with mittens and scarves

Snow Angels they have carved


Watching the boys play hockey with pride

Winter is fun and you should be outside

Just a walk around your block will do

You’ll feel refreshed and look it too


Enjoy the season and stay real warm

Feed the birds before the storm

Ask a neighbor if he needs a hand

Your friendships will expand


Keep all in prayers we never know

Weather may turn with too much snow

Helping others showing love

With help from Our Lord above


© Joyce Ann Geyer

We can love Jesus in the hungry,

the naked, and the destitute

who are dying. If you love, you

will be willing to serve. And, you

will find Jesus in the distressing

disguise of the poor.

Mother Teresa




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