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What Would Happen If God Stayed Away





What Would Happen If God Stayed Away

Mae Elms

If God took His hand off of this earth,

Would there be any more births?

Then who would care for the grass and the trees,

Would there be any flowers for the birds and the bees?

Who would send the rain for the forest and field,

And how would would the corn and wheat give it's yield?

If God took His hand from the moon and the sun,

Would they fall to the earth, their journey done?

Would cooling winds and soft breezes be shackled and still,

No more to remove dirt from the air that would sicken and kill?

From whence would we find water for rivers and creeks?

The things that give life and without, Oh how we would weep!

Then how would we grow food if the earth was totally dry?

Do we take Him for granted when without Him we would die?

How could we stay happy and free without God in our land?

Without the protection from danger from His loving hand.

It's time now to think and thank God for His loving grace,

And for all He's willing to forgive, that we made Him face.

Be glad for the water we drink and the showers we take,

And all we'd give up, if from us His hand He would take!

All the food we eat, our safety and homes would be gone,

Should He remove His hand that's sheltered us for so long.

Those are the hands that have held us in their palm,

That has taught and guided and loved us so long.

Aren't we the lucky ones?!

He still holds out His hands to guide till our journey's


Mae Elms




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